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RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire) is a name that often crops up in the field of security service as it is more reliable than the usual fencing provided by barbed wire. The RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire) is set in poles of cement and other such places. Fencing with RBT Wire is mainly used at homes, parks, fields etc. to offer to prevent the trespassing of the likes of strangers and animals.
A type of the concertina coil is what the RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire) is. It is mainly used to retain the aforementioned coil at particular angles. Made of extremely tensile equipment, the RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire) is immune to breaking under weight. A cold strip of coiled tape made of spring steel having extreme tensile strength is crimped to create the RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire). The coiled barbs occur thrice as frequently compared to regular barbed wires. This, coupled with a core of spring steel, provides a reliable barrier against trespassers. The procedure of reinforcement causes the enhancement of the durability of the RBT wire. This enables it to be used for security facilities and also for the beautification of spots in accordance with the fancy of the client. It also, additionally, eliminates the need for construction of any further walls as, thanks to RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire), it is not possible to surpass any territory enclosed by it.

The RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire) helps you elevate your standard of security and, in turn, your life in general. Famous for its concise construction and extreme durability, the RBT wire is developed with only the very best equipment and the most advanced technology. Extreme strength, lightweight and immunity toward corrosion – these are just some of the characteristics that make the RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire) perfect for you.

Due to the extreme tensile strength of the core wire, the RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire) is a better alternative than traditional wires of barbed kind. This is mainly due to its intimidating disposition and durability. Another great factor to consider is that though an RBT wire is quite similar to a concertina type, it may be straightened by unclipping and be used as regular barbed wires as well. Such is the precision of these wires that an RBT Wire (Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire) should never be installed by anyone other than a professional.

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