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Concertina coil is a fusion of barbed and razor wires in the form of large coils which can be further expanded as an entangled concertina. These wires or coils are basically used for the military purpose of forming wired obstacles.

What is the origin of these coils?
In World War I, spiked wired hindrances were made by extending lengths of security fencing between stakes of wood or iron. As its least complex, such a boundary would look like a fence as may be utilized for horticultural purposes. The twofold cook's garment fence contained a line of pickets with wires running corner to corner down to focus on the ground on either side of the fence. Even wires were appended to these diagonals. More detailed and considerable impediments could be shaped with different lines of stakes associated with wire running from side-to-side, back-to-front, and slantingly each conceivable way. Powerful as these hindrances were, their development took significant time; and they later came to be known as concertina coils.

The basic features of concertina coil and of those specific coils used in Sai Wire Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd are:

  • Measurements going from 450m.m up to 1200m.m diameter.
  • Concertina Coil can be extended to 6-12mtrs, customization too is available.
  • Low value upkeep.
  • Simple to move and introduce.
  • It cannot be easily destroyed and neither does it fall a prey to roughness or corrosion.
  • Durable time frame of real usage.

The company is enhanced with tremendous industrial skills and experience; they are included in offering an extensive variety of Concertina Coil. These are generally utilized as impeccable security fencing. These items are meticulously stirred which make these exceptionally safe against erosion, dampness, rain, chemicals and other outer variables. Ergonomically composed and built up, these loops are widely acclaimed for well sharpened sharp steel cutting edge and strength. They find their wide application in touchy zones, military regions, mechanical regions, high security zones, outskirt regions and numerous other unified ranges. The aforementioned company is one of the top most and highly reputed concertina coil manufacturing organizations in India.
The applications of concertina coil are given below:

Concertina Coil has many circles. Tie each two adjoining hovers by cuts, and a concertina loop is made. As a rule, the measurement of an opening circle would be 5-10% not as much as its unique size. Circles of concertina curl cross each other, leaving no space for a man or moderate sized creatures. The different applications include:

  • Private homes or places
  • Business places
  • Jail
  • Establishments or moderately large institutions
  • Army bases and military camps
  • Security in the borders

Categorizations of concertina coil are as follows:

Material Types:

A) Normal G.I Coated
B) ZAL Coated
C) Fine and polished stainless steel

Concertina coils and wires have great imperviousness to all climates, consumption and corrosive downpours. For quite a long time, shiny appearance will stay for quite a while.

Concertina Coil Fencing has been perceived an effective gadget to question undesirable section of foes or creatures. Sharp edges and winding structure can trap any individual who expects to experience or get over such wires and coils.


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